In Moscow Microgen announced results of first year of using a unique Russian A-type botulinum toxin «Relatox®» in aesthetic medicine


Opinion leaders of «Relatox®» presented the results of using Russian A-type botulinum toxin at the latest regional practice conference in Moscow. The main conclusion is that more than 15 000 clients are satisfied and «Relatox®» has good opportunities in future.

The first and unique «Russian botox» «Relatox®», manufactured by Microgen, was presented in February 2014 and today has 6% market share, that way market share gain in 2015 equals 5%. In 2016 company is planning to occupy 10% market share in the field of botulinum toxins. In 2015 «Relatox®» has expanded its sales geography and now is presented in 60 cities (mainly regional capitals) while in 2014 it was presented only in 25. Now Microgen is carrying out clinical trials to expand the list of indications for using «Relatox®» in neurology.

At the conference the specialists admitted that «Relatox®» copes with face esthetic problems, such as wrinkles, and treats blepharospasm as successfully as alternative products of foreign manufacturers do.

«Relatox®» development was started in 2011 at Ufa subsidiary «Ufa SIC «Immunopreparat». Only the most state-of-the-art technologies of filtration, chromatography and liophilisation are used at the factory to provide high quality and safety of «Relatox®». It’s important to note that «Relatox®» is the product of complete production cycle.

Currently "Microgen" carries out the procedure of joining the pharmaceutical holding company "National Immunobiological Company" (NIC) in accordance with the Edict of the President of the Russian Federation No. 139 of 17.03.2015.

NIC is a part of Rostec State Corporation, it was founded in 2013 as a pharmaceutical holding company in the field of developing and producing immunobiological products. The main purpose is to eliminate dependence of the Russian Federation from imported medical products such as immunobiological products and products treating infectious deseases by developing its own manufacturing and research capacities. In accordance with its strategy up to 2020 holding company is going to satisfy in full the national requirement for vaccines for the national vaccination schedule.