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Microgen launched a mobile application about vaccines

NPO Microgen (managed by Nacimbio of Rostec State Corporation) launched a mobile application about vaccines “Vaccines: Personal Schedule”. It helps users to draft an individual immunization record and reminds to get a scheduled vaccination, when the time to get it comes.

“We can forget or simply do not know which vaccinations have been already taken and which are indicated by age, place of residence or belonging to some profession and also when a revaccination is required. The algorithm of the application considers the individual history of the user’s vaccination and his/her lifestyle, and draws up an individual schedule based on the National Preventive Immunization Schedule and the Preventive Immunization Schedule according to Epidemiological Indications of the Russian Federation.​ The application makes the arrangement of such important part of life as disease prevention easier, but certainly do not fully replace doctor’s advice,” Andrei Zagorsky, CEO of Nacimbio, said.

Besides the option to draw up your own immunization schedule for yourself and your family members, the application also includes a feedback form from a medical expert, push messages with a reminder to get a vaccine, articles and news about vaccination, replies to frequently-asked questions and other useful information. The mobile application is designed for the widest circle of customers: parents with children, travelers and all those who care for their health.

“Russia, like the whole world, is facing an acute problem of rejection of vaccination, which should be tackled with awareness building activity. In the mobile application “Vaccines: Personal Schedule”, we endeavored to collect all necessary information about preventive vaccination in a convenient and modern format to enable a user to easily find answers on emerging issues - Andrei Zagorsky, CEO of Nacimbio, said. - The content in the application is based on the evidence based medicine and is given in plain language”.

The mobile application was created by a big team of professionals from Microgen, and using external expertise. Technical side and design of the application were dealt by a development group from KODE. The content was created by medical experts of the company, including a dedicated content agency.
The mobile application “Vaccines: Personal Schedule” is available on Android and iOS mobile devices.

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