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Microgen to start the production of new allergy drugs

NPO Microgen of the Nacimbio holding of Rostec State Corporation has acquired exclusive rights on 31 titles of diagnostic and medical allergens. This will allow arranging the production of new allergy drugs in Russia using an improved technology. The production site will be created based on the enterprise subsidiary in Stavropol.

As a result of agreement with JSC Biomed Mechnikov affiliated with JSC Pharmstandard, the company’s portfolio doubled and would include the widest in Russia line of allergen products. The parties also agreed to transfer manufacturing techniques to the facility of NPO Microgen subsidiary in Stavropol - Allegren production facility - where diagnostic and diagnostic and treatment products for ASIT (allergen-specific immunotherapy) are manufactured.

“There are a lot of drugs able to reverse the symptoms of allergy, but the only method to treat the disease is the allergen-specific immunotherapy. Creation of modern production facility will significantly increase the availability of this type of therapy for Russians. We plan to perform modernization and start manufacturing of new allergy drugs in Stavropol for the next two years. We have already started to design a new line for production of allergen products which will function in accordance with international GMP standards. Based on the results of the signed agreement, the share of NPO Microgen in the market of diagnostic and diagnostic and treatment products for ASIT (allergen-specific immunotherapy) will increase up to 50% in kind,” Filipp Pershkov, Deputy General Director of Nacimbio, the managing company of NPO Microgen, said.

Just like vaccination, ASIT “trains” human immune system. The treatment starts from small doses of allergens, gradually increasing to the required value. As a result, a patient may refuse other less efficient drugs. Currently, NPO Microgen produces over 30 titles of allergens, allergoids and mixed-allergens from tree and grass pollen.

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