NGO Microgen continues to upgrade production facilities: the facility in Ufa has been upgrading the finishing plant

In the beginning of 2015, modernization of the finishing plant was started which includes: preparation of clean rooms, installation of high-quality pharmaceutical equipment for washing, sterilizing, filling and sealing of vials. Installation and commissioning of the high-end line, as well as validation of the manufacturing site and testing will be completed by June this year.

The final stage of production of immunobiological products is performed in the finishing plant. This includes: purified, inactivated concentrated cell-culture rabies vaccine to develop immunity against rabies; DTAP vaccine to prevent diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus in children; trivalent polymer-subunit flu vaccine; Chondrolon for prevention and treatment of degenerative diseases of joints and spine; and immunoglobulins, serum, and other highly effective drug products.

Earlier in 2014 Immunopreparat company performed reconstruction of the premises, installation of the utilities for a new manufacturing site intended for the production of Relatox, and other operations on maintenance, improvement of process efficiency and product quality.

Also, in September 2014 NGO Virion, the branch of NGO Microgen in Tomsk, inaugurated a new plant for the production of finished dosage forms which meets all GMP requirements. The new plant produces immunobiological products and injection solutions. It is equipped with modern equipment providing design production of up to 9 mln. units per year.