A novel Russian combination vaccine against measles, mumps (parotitis) and rubella is undergoing clinical trials

In January 2015, there was successfully completed the first phase of clinical studies on the safety and reactogenicity of a novel domestic combined vaccine Vactrivir manufactured by NGO Microgen. Vactrivir is a cell-culture live vaccine that protects against three diseases at once: measles, mumps (mumps) and rubella.
It is designed to immunize children from 12 months to 6 years old according to the National calendar of preventive vaccinations. The main objective of the first phase of clinical trials was to study safety, reactogenicity and tolerability of the vaccine and determine whether it is feasible to the transition to further clinical studies.

The results showed good tolerability, safety and low reactogenicity of the vaccine in adult volunteers at the end of 42-day follow-up after vaccine administration.

Considering the data obtained in February 2015, specialists of NGO Microgen will continue to investigate the effectiveness of the new vaccine.

It is planned to complete the clinical studies in the first quarter of 2016; then Vaсtrivir will be sent to hospitals.
Currently NGO Microgen produces monovaccines against measles, mumps and rubella, and a bivalent vaccine against measles and mumps. In 2014, according to the National calendar of preventive vaccinations, about 140 ths of doses of mumps vaccine, 1.5 mln doses of measles vaccine and 3.75 mln doses of rubella vaccine were shipped to the regions in Russia.