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Perm subsidiary of NPO Microgen finished modernization of vaccine production department

NPO Biomed, Perm subsidiary of NPO Microgen (managed by Nacimbio of Rostec State Corporation), finished full-scale reconstruction of vaccine formulations department with the total area of 800 m.sq. started the last year. The modernized unit will produce substances for pertussis vaccine and tetanus toxoid.

On completion of works, production facilities were completely renewed, new equipment was qualified and put into operation. In parallel, there was implemented a design of air ventilation system assembling with three cleaning steps and water conditioning with a module of water for injections generation by ultrafiltration.  

Startup of vaccine formulations department at Perm site proceeds according to the plan of incremental modernization of enterprises affiliated with NPO Microgen.

NPO Biomed is one of the largest enterprises of the holding, whose brand portfolio includes over 50 titles of drugs. Among them are toxoids, vaccines, serums, blood products, bacteriophages and other drugs. The Perm subsidiary is the only producer of rickettsial vaccines and antigas gangrene serum.

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