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Relatox® will extend the age of application in children with infantile cerebral paralysis (ICP)

Relatox® will extend the age of applicat...

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Relatox® entered the Uzbek market

The drug is the first Russian Botulinum toxin type A belonging to the group of peripherally acting muscle relaxants. It is used in neurological conditions as well as in aesthetic medicine and has officially registered indications for mimic wrinkles correction procedure in all facial areas (“Full Face”).

In late May, Tashkent held the first research-to-practice conference dedicated to the drug use options in the modern aesthetic cosmetology occasioned with the first delivery of Relatox® to the Republic in the quantity of one thousand packages.

Within the event, Microgen’s leading experts and medical advisors organized lectures and master classes for cosmetologists followed by demonstration of efficient and safe methods of work with Relatox®.

In particular, Nina Klivitskaya, medical doctor, cosmetologist, dermatologist, Candidate of Sciences in Medicine, Associate Professor of the Department of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Chief Medical Officer of Derevo Zhizni clinic, international specialist for injection techniques, and Sergey Ivanov, dermatocosmetologist, founder of Perfetto Academy (minimally invasive cosmetology school), and author of courses for contour correction, Botulinum Toxin Therapy, thread lifting and mesotherapy, gave their reports.

The total number of participants was over 100 people, among them cosmetologists, owners and directors of medical centers and cosmetology clinics of Uzbekistan, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, maxillo-facial plastic surgeons, and representatives of Aesthetics Beauty, the partner distributing Relatox® in the territory of Uzbekistan.

Together with its partner, Microgen planned a broad-scale training campaign involving workshops and practical master classes for cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. First events within the campaign are to start in Tashkent, Samarkand, Fergana, and Bukhara as early as this month.

“Aesthetics beauty has a many years' experience in promotion of the drug in cosmetological and medical areas in Uzbekistan, and we are happy to have Relatox® Botulinum toxin type A in our portfolio from now on. The drug gave a splendid account of itself in the Russian market, and we are sure that the cosmetology community of the Republic of Uzbekistan will also duly appreciate its quality and efficiency,” Gulnara Rasulova, General Director of Aesthetics beauty, said.

Microgen is the largest Russian manufacturer of immunobiological products in terms of production volume and nomenclature, whose pharmaceutical products are in high demand abroad. In particular, the company markets drug products to 11 countries. Today, Microgen exports over 40 titles of drugs to Uzbekistan.

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