In a new epidemiological season 2015-2016, NGO Microgen will release vaccines with new strains of influenza

In a new epidemiological season, strains for the production of influenza vaccine have changed. According to WHO recommendations on the composition of vaccine strains for the season 2015-2016 years for the Northern Hemisphere, the Commission on Influenza Vaccines and Diagnostic Strains of the Russian Ministry of Health recommended inclusion of the following vaccine strains:

A / Bolivia / 559/2013 (H1N1) pdm09, which is similar to strain A / California / 7/2009 (H1N1) pdm09;

A / Switzerland / 9715293/2013 (H3N2);

B / Phuket / 3073/2013.

During the epidemic season 2014-2015, the following strains were used: A / California / 7/2009 (H1N1) pdm09; A / Texas / 50/2012 (H3N2); B / Massachusetts / 2/2012.

In the near future, NGO Microgen plans to start production of a vaccine with three relevant strains. By the beginning of the vaccination season, every Russian can immunize against flu, including the novel inactivated subunit vaccine Sovigripp which became one of the latest developments of NGO Microgen's experts.

Sovigripp features a complete production cycle and uses an adjuvant, which has immunomodulatory, detoxifying and antioxidant properties due to its polymeric nature. Studies have shown that the new vaccine Sovigripp is nontoxic; after its application there is no fever, and it has the ability to generate specific immunity against the influenza virus.