Perm branch of NGO Microgen launched a modern water treatment complex for production of drug products

On May 27, 2015, Perm branch of NGO Biomed put into operation a new set of water treatment, which is by far the most powerful and effective among other NGO Microgen branches. The project worth 1.4 mln. euro was implemented in 10 months as part of a comprehensive program of modernization and renovation of water treatment systems at the branches of NGO Microgen.

The complex is a comprehensive system for obtaining purified water by reverse osmosis and electrodeionization capacity of 1500 l / h, water for injections by distillation of 700 l / h, as well as continuous monitoring of water quality produced at all stages of the manufacturing process. The project takes into account all the modern requirements and technical achievements in the pharmaceutical industry.

The complex has full automation, which guarantees the reliability and stability of the system, fully meets requirements for purified water and demand for water for injection intended for medicines (vaccines) according to the National Calendar of Preventive Vaccinations and Blood P at the Perm NGO Biomed.

"Certainly, the new water treatment system manufactured by an Italian firm called Stilmas will allow to increase the drug product capacity, but the most important thing is to bring the quality of the received water up to the highest level," said Ekaterina Orlova, director of the Perm branch of NGO Microgen.