National manufacturer of
immunobiological products in Russia
National manufacturer of
immunobiological products in Russia

Human hepatitis B immunoglobulin

Trade name


Dosage form

Solution for intramuscular injection

Shelf life

2 years


NPO Microgen, 177, Bratskaya str., Perm, Perm Territory, 614089 Russia


Solution for intramuscular injection, 1 dose (at least 100 IU) in 2 ml ampoule. 10 ampoules in each cardboard package with a package insert and an ampoule cutter. If the ampoule has a score line, a ring or a dot, an ampoule cutter is not inserted.


One dose (1 ampoule) contains:

Active ingredient
  • Antibodies to HBsAg virus hepatitis B – at least 100 IU (international units)
  • Glycine (aminoacetic acid), stabilizer - (22.5 ± 7.5) mg/ml. The content is estimated, it is not defined in the finished product.
The product does not contain preservatives and antibiotics.


Emergency prevention of hepatitis B in children and adults; treatment of mild and moderate forms of acute viral hepatitis B in adults.