National manufacturer of
immunobiological products in Russia
National manufacturer of
immunobiological products in Russia

Purified Concentrated Anti-Tetanus Horse Serum

Trade name

Anti-Tetanus Serum

Dosage form

Solution for injection

Shelf life

3 years


NPO Microgen, 105 Novorossiyskaya str., Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan, 450014 Russia, and 20 Biologicheskaya str., Stavropol, Stavropol Territory, 355019 Russia


Solution for injection. Anti-Tetanus Serum, 3,000 IU, 10,000 IU, 20,000 IU, 50,000 IU per ampoule. The volume of serum in the ampoule for each dosage depends on the specific activity of the drug. 1:100 diluted purified horse serum, 1 ml ampoules. 5 ampoules of anti-tetanus serum and 5 ampoules of 1:100 diluted purified horse serum (5 sets) in the cardboard package with an ampoule cutter and a package insert. If the ampoule has a score line, a ring or a dot, an ampoule cutter is not inserted.


The drug is an immunoglobulin fraction of the horse serum immunized with tetanus toxoid or toxin, containing specific antibodies.

1 ml contains at least 1200 international antitoxic units (IU).

It is manufactured in combination with 1:100 diluted purified horse serum, which is a clear colorless liquid free of sediment.


Emergency specific prevention and treatment of tetanus